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3 Tips to Make the Most of Telepsychiatry

Baton Rouge TelepsychiatryRemember the hassles you regularly had to deal with before technology provided us with a constant internet connection and cell phones?  The inconvenience of waiting until you got home or stopping at a pay phone for a phone call, printing driving directions or pulling a map from the glove compartment or buying an entire album just to listen that one song you really loved weren’t given a second thought.  Today, such things would seem massively inconvenient.  As technology and connectivity have evolved, so too have our expectations, and now, those expectations are even being extended to our health care.

While most aspects of life are becoming more convenient, doctor visits have remained relatively unchanged.  You schedule an appointment, make the time to drive to that appointment, sit in a waiting room and eventually see your physician.  How convenient would it be to condense all of that into scheduling a time, opening a laptop, and having a face-to-face video conversation?  That is precisely what telemedicine and telepsychiatry are allowing. 

For those who suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or any number of other mental health conditions, the availability of telepsychiatry can be a game changer.  For anyone who decides to try it, here are a few tips that can help ensure you get the most out of your appointments:

Make a List of What You Want to Talk About in Therapy

This is good advice for any type of doctor appointment.  Whether you are seeing a psychiatrist or general practitioner, in person or via video, having an idea of the points you want to discuss is a good strategy.  This can help ensure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten and allows you to make the best use of the time you have together.

Find a Private Location for Telepsychiatry Appointments

Therapy is obviously a very private matter where intimate details of a person’s life and health are discussed openly.  Very few people would want such details aired out loud for the world to hear.  Because telepsychiatry doesn’t happen behind the closed doors of a medical office, it is important to think ahead of where you can go to keep your appointment completely private and confidential.  If not in your own home, this may be a private office or even your car.

Check Your Browser and Internet Connection Before Your Telepsychiatry Appointment

After setting aside time for your telepsychiatry appointment, you certainly don’t want to waste any of that time on a poor internet connection or a browser that isn’t suited for the software you’ll be using.  Before ever getting on the call, ensure that your internet signal is strong that you have already downloaded any necessary programs and confirmed their ability to be used on your device.

Telepsychiatry in Baton Rouge

Technology has brought us so many conveniences and time-saving developments.  Why should the field of medicine be any different?  You may not be able to see all of your healthcare providers virtually, but with telepsychiatry, you can access mental health care professionals remotely.  Many practices, including Psychiatry Associates of Baton Rouge, are now using this service to increase patient convenience and accessibility to care.  To learn more about the program and how it may benefit you, click below.

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