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3 Vital Reasons to Use Telepsychiatry in Baton Rouge

3_Vital_Reasons_to_Utilize_Telepsychiatry_in_Baton_Rouge.jpegYou love your doctor. You do! But when balancing your job, your social life, and your family’s appointments, it’s disheartening to factor the grueling Baton Rouge rush hour(s) into your daily schedule. But what if you didn’t have to?

Sadly, we’re not talking about teleportation. We’re talking about telepsychiatry. Telepsychiatry is a branch of digital medicine which allows you to fully engage in HIPAA-compliant counseling and therapy with your doctor without the inconvenience of driving to their office. Telepsychiatry is a fantastic complement to regular psychotherapy for these three reasons:

Privacy: One of the foremost aspects of therapy is doctor-patient confidentiality. But how can you be certain of your privacy on an internet platform? Telepsychiatry platforms, such as CloudVisit™ utilize HIPAA-compliant webhosting to encrypt your data at all times.

CloudVisit™ uses data encryption to protect your documents and images during and between sessions. Transmitted audio/video data is sent through an encrypted channel, so every interaction is completely private, and telemedicine platforms utilize distributed servers to comply with HIPAA webhosting regulations and business standards.

Accessibility: In both rural and overpopulated areas, many go without ready access to personal psychiatric care. With thousands of tele-programs launching in all 50 states, previously underserved populations can now reach mental health providers. Telepsychiatry offers convenient access for those that struggle with distance or scheduling availability. And with apps available on Apple and Android operating systems, you have an even greater kind of mobility.

Personalization: In this day and age, distance is only as prohibitive as technology allows it to be. With face-to-face video sessions, telemedicine software allows you to consult with your psychiatrist or therapist at home or abroad. Call your mental health provider today and ask if they offer telepsychiatric services.

Whether you are in need of intensive counseling, behavioral therapy, stress management, or life coaching, telepsychiatry gives you a safe, convenient, and professional way to receive personal care from your psychiatrist or therapist from the comfort of your own home.


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