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4 Tips to Balance Work and School as an Adult Student

Portrait of a happy female student using laptop computer in universityGoing back to school can be stressful, but going back to school with a full-time job, family and all the responsibilities that adulthood brings can seem like a monumental task. Implement these strategies into your day-to-day routine in order to tackle your overflowing schedule with ease and reach your education goals.

Utilize a Planner

In order to ensure that you don’t overbook, investing in a planner should be your first step. A program like Google Calendar is ideal because it can be accessed as an app on your phone and on your computer. You’ll be able to plan throughout the day, whether you’re in class, work or on the go. As soon as you’re made aware of an event or responsibility, write it down. This will free up space in your brain to focus on daily tasks, and you’ll be able to reference your planner at any time. Make sure all aspects of your life are scheduled – assignment due dates, exam days, children’s birthday parties and sporting events, even time with friends – the more you plan, the smoother your days will go.

Make Time for Yourself

In this hectic season of life when your attention is constantly demanded, it may seem as though making time for yourself is simply not possible. On the contrary, downtime is even more important when you’re feeling the effects of your busy schedule. Reward yourself with even thirty minutes at the end of a long day to watch your favorite show, drink a cup of tea and relax until bedtime – you deserve it! If you have a favorite hobby like reading or playing a sport, add it to your calendar, and treat it with just as much importance as your other tasks. When your energy is replenished by taking care of yourself, you’ll be able to more fully devote your time to the people and obligations in your life.

Create an Organized Study Space

A cluttered space is never conducive to a successful study session. Designate a private corner of your home to schoolwork so that you’ll be able to focus and minimize distractions. Ensure there is adequate light, enough space to spread out your materials and a comfortable chair to sit in – you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time here. If you have a designated space for schoolwork, getting into the studying zone won’t be difficult.

Share Your Schedule with Family, Friends and Your Boss

If your friends and family are made aware of your hectic schedule, they can empathize and even offer their help. The people in your life are less likely to become frustrated when you aren’t as available as you used to be if they’re filled in on the details. Though sharing your higher education plans with your boss might seem intimidating at first, transparency is best and will make life easier. Explain how your newly acquired skills will benefit the company, and he or she might even offer flexibility with your work schedule.

If you’ve taken these steps but still find yourself feeling exceedingly overwhelmed from your never-ending to do list, Psychiatry Associates of Baton Rouge is here to help. Make an appointment with one of our highly-trained psychiatrists today.

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