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Common Roadblocks to Depression Treatment in Baton Rouge

Common_roadblocks_to_depression_treatment.jpegThe road to depression management is a long, arduous journey. But if you’re encountering these roadblocks, the detours can become too discouraging to continue. Learn more about these roadblocks and talk to your counselor today about how to navigate back to your road.

Stigma: Two-thirds of people do not receive treatment for mental illness due to the stereotypes and prejudicial attitudes held by majority of American population. 45-60% of Americans want to distance themselves from people suffering from depression or schizophrenia. This stigma creates greater risk of discontinuation of treatment, which can impede progress. If you’re concerned with the stigma of depression, please consult with your psychiatrist or a trained medical professional.

Depression: Depression can lead to the inability to participate fully in therapy. Depressive episodes can make it difficult to concentrate, form, and articulate coherent thoughts, which can hinder therapeutic progress.

Resistance to Progress: When on the verge of a breakthrough, patients may begin to feel anxiety about the progress being made and resist or discontinue therapy. If you’re feeling anxious about your progress, please reach out to a health care professional.

Medication Non-adherence: Stigma, side effects, and dissatisfaction with treatment can lead patients to forgo medication. Most depression medications are prescribed for taking on a chronic basis, non-adherence can lead to greater ineffectiveness of treatment.

If you have been encountering any of these roadblocks to depression treatment, talk to your doctor about additional treatment options, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS.

TMS is an FDA-approved non-invasive approach to depression treatment. TMS utilizes magnetic pulses to stimulate the structures in the brain responsible for depression. No anesthesia or hospitalization is required. With Brainsway™ Deep TMS, now available through the trusted physicians at the Psychiatry Associates of Baton Rouge, there are none of the nasty systemic side effects you’ve muddled through with chemical anti-depressants, because TMS doesn’t enter your bloodstream. And you don’t have to worry about the effects of missing a dose or forgetting to refill a prescription.

You’ve struggled for years with the roadblocks of chemical treatment. When anti-depressants and counseling aren’t enough, let Brainsway™ get your life back on track.


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