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Bipolar Medication Options for Baton Rouge Patients

For those suffering from bipolar disorder, much of what they perceive about the world around them depends on whether they are in a manic or depressive phase or somewhere entirely in between.  Striking a balance between these two extremes and the problems that may arise from each makes living a seemingly normal life exceptionally challenging, particularly when the condition is not being effectively treated.  Fortunately, psychiatrists are more familiar with the condition and how to best treat it than ever before.  Today, those living with bipolar disorder are finding that the right doctor and the right treatment protocol allows them to live day-to-day lives that are largely untouched by the disease.

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Bipolar Disorder: The Importance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As early as the first century, Ancient Greeks observed that there were those who were prone to episodes of “mania” or “melancholia.”  Of course, it would take centuries more before these episodes were given names (first manic-depressive and then bipolar disorder).  And, it would be decades beyond that before mental health professionals would be able to identify the full range of the bipolar spectrum.

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What Baton Rouge Needs to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Are you or your loved ones exhibiting signs of bipolar disorder? Are lifestyle or genetic factors putting you at risk? How is bipolar diagnosed and treated? When it comes to the mental health of you and your loved ones, unanswered questions and the wide open web can lead to self-diagnosis and self-treatment, which can create significant problems for you and your loved ones.

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