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Common Roadblocks to Depression Treatment in Baton Rouge

The road to depression management is a long, arduous journey. But if you’re encountering these roadblocks, the detours can become too discouraging to continue. Learn more about these roadblocks and talk to your counselor today about how to navigate back to your road.

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4 Non-Chemical Anti-Depression Treatments for Baton Rouge Residents

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, some Baton Rouge residents may be realizing that their depressed moods were the effect of the wintry days, torrential rains, and overcast skies that have been plaguing Louisiana over the past few months.

But for the many Louisianans who have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, you know that a change in season isn’t enough to banish the ills. You’ve discussed chemical anti-depressants with your doctor. You’ve tried one. Or two. Or ten. But none of the medications are working. At least, not for very long.

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Depression Treatment: What Makes Brainsway So Different?

The holidays are approaching, and with them come many favorite and special memories. Think about the first morning of hunting season, the traditional tailgate before the LSU/A&M football game, Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones, and the smiling faces of your children or grandchildren on Christmas morning. Battling depression can prevent you from creating more wonderful memories during the holiday season. 

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