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Helping Baton Rouge Students Cope with Back-to-School Stress

New situations are enough to make even adults feel anxious.  Imagine stepping back into work after a months-long absence.  You face your old co-workers for the first time, while also being introduced to brand new co-workers and a new boss.  The dynamics have changed, and you aren’t quite sure how or where you’ll fit in.  You would likely feel nervous and a bit apprehensive.  Students weather this exact scenario every single year, and they do it with the added social and educational pressures that come with youth. 

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5 Signs Your Child May Have a Learning Disorder

As a parent, you want to give your child everything they need to start the school year on the right foot. But if your child is struggling with a learning disorder, they’ll need more than the standard school supply list.

A learning disorder refers to a neurological condition which may affect the acquisition, organization, retention, understanding, and use of information, both verbal and nonverbal.

Although dyslexia is arguably the most well-known, learning disorders can manifest as problems regarding speech, reading, writing, or mathematics.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for the School Year

School is just around the corner. As you wait for school supply lists and class schedules, it’s important to also mentally prepare your child for the year ahead.

Here are a few tips for making the transition easier:

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