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3 Tips to Make the Most of Telepsychiatry

Remember the hassles you regularly had to deal with before technology provided us with a constant internet connection and cell phones?  The inconvenience of waiting until you got home or stopping at a pay phone for a phone call, printing driving directions or pulling a map from the glove compartment or buying an entire album just to listen that one song you really loved weren’t given a second thought.  Today, such things would seem massively inconvenient.  As technology and connectivity have evolved, so too have our expectations, and now, those expectations are even being extended to our health care.

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7 Benefits of Telepsychiatry [INFOGRAPHIC]

With over 18 percent of the population experiencing mental health illness in a given year, the need for mental health care through psychiatry has never been more obvious.  Still, many don’t seek this care, often due to time and scheduling restraints.  Telepsychiatry addresses these hindrances and allows patients to get the care they need from anywhere and on a schedule that works best for them.  Below are seven of the top benefits of telepsychiatry and why it may just be the solution for you.

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Baton Rouge Telemedicine: The Advantages for Mental Health Care

Increasingly, more and more aspects of healthcare have been shifted online.  You likely notice more electronic charting and fewer handwritten notes when visiting with your primary care physician.  You may use a portal to message them, keep up with appointments, request prescription refills or get test results.  As, this shift toward technology continues, the benefits are becoming more obvious.  Digital records mean easier access and ease of communication between various members of your healthcare team, and for a growing number of patients, it means having the ability to visit with a physician through virtual appointments.

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Baton Rouge Telepsychiatry Makes Care More Accessible

Technology has undeniably revolutionized the way we live our day-to-day lives.  We have instant access to more information than we could fathom.  We can easily connect with long lost friends, make a quick phone call from wherever we may be, or find a product we want and order it within the span of a few minutes.  Yet, despite how simplistic technology has made some tasks, it has also led many to be busier than ever. 

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3 Vital Reasons to Use Telepsychiatry in Baton Rouge

You love your doctor. You do! But when balancing your job, your social life, and your family’s appointments, it’s disheartening to factor the grueling Baton Rouge rush hour(s) into your daily schedule. But what if you didn’t have to?

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