child psychiatry Videos

How can I help during my child's panic attack?

Does your child suffer from acute episodes of anxiety or fear? Dr. Ashley Albarado discusses how you can help during and after your child's panic attack. 

Why is my child inconsolable when I drop them off at school?

Is your child routinely extremely upset when drop them off at school? Dr. Ashley Albarado discusses separation anxiety and other possible reasons your child is inconsolable when dropped off at school.


How can I alleviate my child's anxiety about school?

As the school year progresses, is your child exhibiting symptoms of anxiety or social withdrawal? Baton Rouge child psychiatrist, Dr. Ashley Albarado discusses ways to alleviate your child's anxiety about school. 

Can a child have PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can manifest itself quite differently in children and young adults. Learn the signs and symptoms of childhood PTSD with Baton Rouge psychiatrist, Dr. Ashley Albarado. 

Does my child have a learning disorder?

As the school year gets into full swing, you child may begin exhibiting signs of a learning disorder. Dr. Albarado discusses the different types of learning disorders, as well as how they're diagnosed and treated in children and adolescents.

How important is downtime for my child during the summer?

Baton Rouge child psychiatrist, Dr. Ashley Albarado, sits down to discuss the importance of structure and downtime for children during the summer.  


Why is my child depressed during the summer?

In the inaugural Child Chat video, Baton Rouge child psychiatrist, Dr. Ashley Albarado, discusses possible causes and treatments of childhood depression during the summer.

How can I manage my child's ADHD in summer?

Summer can be challenging for parents with ADHD children. Here are four ways to best manage your child's ADHD during the summer.